Program & Live Stream Schedule - August 11 + 12 (EDT)

Please note, tickets to attend the Etsy Up conference in New York have sold out. You can still be there for all of the best Etsy Up moments! Join your fellow sellers by tuning in to the exclusive Etsy Up live stream August 11 + 12. You’ll hear from notable entrepreneurs and industry experts, inspiring Etsy seller success stories, and empowering keynotes. Check out the program below and come back to experience Etsy Up, kicking off on August 11 at 10:00 EDT. You can stay tuned-in all day!

Day One

Thursday, August 11
Time Programming
Registration and Breakfast

2:00pm Live Streamed
Keynote with Etsy CEO, Chad Dickerson

Chad is leading Etsy in its mission and growing it into a global community of creative entrepreneurs and their customers. Join Chad to learn more about Etsy’s vision and values in action.

3:15pm Live Streamed
Got Clutter? Keynote with Author Fay Wolf: Embracing Imperfection and a NEW ORDER

For almost 10 years, professional organizer Fay Wolf has helped everyone from schoolteachers to Hollywood celebrities achieve a simpler life by reworking their relationship to their stuff. Join Fay as she shares manageable steps to help you conquer physical clutter, digital clutter, and inner clutter.

4:30pm Live Streamed
Beyond Likes: Social Media for Sales & Business Growth with Cotton and Flax, Zenned Out, Baby Jives Co., The Wishing Elephant

The effective use of social media is a great tool for staying in touch with existing customers, marketing to new customers, and grabbing the attention of influencers – something these sellers are experts at. Learn how they’ve boosted their personal and professional brands to expand opportunities, deepened their network, and strengthened connections with a loyal customer base.

Inside Etsy Search with Senior Product Manager Jaime DeLanghe

Jaime has worked on many teams over her six years at Etsy and is an expert at making it easier to explore and purchase unique items from creative entrepreneurs. During this lecture, learn more about the hows and whys of Etsy search and get best practices for maximizing its’ efficacy for your business."

Storytelling Essentials: Learn How to Stand Out by Highlighting What Makes Your Brand Unique with Miriam Bader

Stories are one of the most powerful ways we communicate with each other and telling a good story takes practice! This hands-on workshop led by Miriam Bader, Education Director at The Tenement Museum, will delve into the essential elements of both creating and telling a good story.

Intro to Photography and Lighting Workshop, hosted by Canon

This Intro to Photography Workshop is all about how to take the absolute best photos of your products, with easy-to-learn tips and tricks that you can do right in your own home. Photography guru Eric Stoner will cover basic photography concepts and processes, with an emphasis on lighting!

6:30pm Live Streamed
Guest Speaker Panel: How How These Entrepreneurs Master the Art of Standing Out to Uniquely Market their Brands with Maxwell Ryan (CEO & Founder, Apartment Therapy Media), Cassie Boorn (Founder, Maker Mentors), Eric Kass (expert in tailored brand stories), Curt Stephens (CEO, BoxUp) and Melissa Romig (Digital Marketing Director, MOO)

These successful entrepreneurs come from different industries and specialize in different highly impactful marketing tactics, but one thing they all have in common is how they expertly leverage what makes their brand unique and choose marketing strategies that grow their business. You'll hear from the best about pitching to influencers, creating a robust marketing strategy, in-person sales marketing, crafting your story to attract target customers, and more!

Meet the Press (and Keep their Attention!) – Simple Strategies to Put your Company and Products in the Limelight with Influencers

Join AHeirloom's Amy Stringer-Mowat for a jumpstart lesson on how to follow trends with your product presentation and get noticed by high profile press, influencers and media outlets. She'll focus on specific tools, beyond simply good photography, to create brand excitement.

Time Management Tips for Creative Small Business Owners

Though we can’t add hours to the day, there is a lot we can do to better manage the time that we have and find a greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Join small business coach and enthusiastic creative entrepreneur Ashley Heyburn for this action-oriented workshop to learn practical tips and useful tools creative business owners like you can implement today to be more productive, focused and in control of your life.

Business Breakout: Jewelry Sellers

This will be a great opportunity for jewelry sellers to network and learn from other jewelry sellers about the challenges unique to running a jewelry business on Etsy. While this session will be lightly facilitated by an Etsy admin, the conversation will be built around your questions and advice contributed by you and your peers in small groups.

From Hobby to Wholesale

Lovelane Designs' Lane Huerta knows the challenges of bringing your craft to the marketplace. When demand for her imaginative everyday playwear exploded in 2014, she became a full-time entrepreneur, navigating the world of wholesale pricing, increased production and building relationships with key retailers. She plans to share her whirlwind journey and how she maintains Lovelane's high quality as she expands her business.

Expert Advice to Attract Press and Influencers with Cassie Boorn

Getting your products featured in media is a cost-effective way to build credibility, reach new customers and increase your sales. Maker Mentors Founder Cassie Boorn has spent years building digital marketing programs for some of the largest brands in the world and helping influencers develop their online platforms. She'll focus on how top Etsy shops leverage media and bloggers to grow their sales, and will leave you with actionable steps to get your products featured in major media outlets.

Evolve Your Product Line to Remain Competitive with Bookhou Design, Mavora, Norwegian Wood and Redraven Studios

Developing new product lines to stay on trend, creating new offerings for existing customers, and deciding when to retire an old favorite is what these sellers do best. Hear about their strategies for making decisions around how to best evolve your product line and determine how you can re-evaluate your offerings to stay on trend.

Business Breakout: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance

How do you balance running your own business with your personal commitments such as family, friends, other jobs, etc? Share your work-life balance challenges and tips with others who may be navigating similar questions.

Crash Course: Optimize your Shop on Etsy with Seller Account Manager Natasha Lende

Every business searches for the “secret” to success on Etsy. Is it perfect SEO? Eye catching branding? An attention grabbing story? Stellar photography? Natasha will focus on optimizing your Etsy shops to be the best of the best.

8:40pm Live Streamed
Keynote with Apartment Therapy Media’s Maxwell Ryan

Best selling author and Apartment Therapy Founder Maxwell Ryan pioneered his career as the “apartment therapist,” traveling by scooter to his clients’ homes to help make their spaces beautiful, organized and healthy. With a focus on reviewing stores, offering tips, posting photos of design projects, and answering readers’ questions, Apartment Therapy currently reaches 14 million unique visitors every month. An inspiration to many creative business owners, Maxwell will share the story of his journey and business tactics at Etsy Up.

PayPal Sellerbration Cocktail Reception

Etsy Up attendees are invited to a cocktail reception to close out Day 1 of the conference. Generously sponsored by our friends at PayPal, this reception will take place on the rooftop garden at 230 5th Avenue and will allow you to continue building connections with fellow conference attendees in an amazing setting.

Day Two

Friday, August 12
Time Programming
1:00pm Live Streamed
Keynote with SELF MADE Author and Female Empowerment Advocate Nely Galán

Since becoming self made on her own terms, Nely has made it her mission to inspire and empower other women to become financially self-reliant, successful entrepreneurs. During her keynote she will share valuable, candid, no-nonsense lessons learned on her own path to becoming self-made and will provide exercises to help entrepreneurs identify their goals and strengths.

2:15pm Live Streamed
Make Your Shop Pop with Inblue Designs, Bookhou Design & Mavora

These sellers have mastered the art of standing out. They’ll share what they’ve learned over many years about differentiating their shops. Attendees can expect to hear about the value and process of evaluating and innovating product lines, solving problems for target markets, aligning with partners who share the same audience and documenting making process for customers.

Business Breakout: Managing Difficult Interactions with Customers

Navigating difficult interactions with customers is part of running any small business. Join this session to ask for advice on situations you’ve encountered and to share your own tips and strategies.

The Essentials of Online Advertising with Connie Xiao, Product Marketing Manager at Etsy

Advertising your Etsy shop online requires an investment of your time and money and a willingness to experiment, but it can be an effective way to boost your brand’s visibility and increase your sales. How do you know if online advertising is right for your business? Join Connie as she dives into addressing such concepts as building awareness, developing customer interest, and making the sale through online ads.

A Fearless Approach to Social Media with Cotton & Flax

Erin will share the many ways that she's used social media to grow her business over the past eight years. With a focus on a fearless attitude towards sharing and trying out new platforms and communications styles, Erin will talk about the beginning of her artistic career, where she was sharing her work on early social platforms. Erin has cultivated an "early adopter" mentality to try new social platforms until finding the perfect fit for her business, and it's allowed her to connect with an enormous audience.

Tips & Tricks on How to Take Product Photos like a Professional, hosted by Canon

You'll learn how to take flawless product photos, like a pro, from Photography guru Eric Stoner. With a just few simple steps, you'll have your products standing apart from the rest.

3:20pm Live Streamed
Expand Your Etsy Empire with Baby Jives Co., Be There in Five & Zenned Out

When these sellers decided it was time to grow their business, they all chose different paths. Learn from their journey about how they knew the timing was right, factors they considered, challenges they faced, and what worked to achieve their mission. Using wholesale to expand their customer base, integrating manufacturing into their process, hiring staff to delegate some of the workload; these techniques allowed them to focus on the most important parts of their business, while continuing to grow.

Storytelling Essentials: Learn How to Stand Out by Highlighting What Makes Your Brand Unique with Miriam Bader

Stories are one of the most powerful ways we communicate with each other and telling a good story takes practice! This hands-on workshop led by Miriam Bader, Education Director at The Tenement Museum, will delve into the essential elements of both creating and telling a good story.

Creating Customer Personas with PopOColor

Knowing your customer is the foundation of defining your product, brand, photography, copy, marketing and social media strategy. Creating customer personas is a vital step in defining your customers and moving your business forward. Join Katie Corrigan to learn how she approaches this topic and how you can too.

From Online to On Shelves: Successfully Segueing into a Wholesale Business - LoveLane, The Idea Box & Red Raven Studios

How do you know if wholesale is right for you? What are the best ways to attract retailers to your shop? What considerations need to be made to develop a wholesale business? Hear from sellers who’ve answered these questions and succeeded in the world of wholesale. You will also get the perspective of a brick and mortar shop owner who knows what retailers are looking for when buying from Etsy shops.

Boss Breakout: Team Captains and Leaders

Are you a captain or leader of an Etsy Team? In this special edition breakout session you’ll meet with other sellers who are involved in Etsy Teams to discuss strategies for running your team. You might also find ways to collaborate with other Etsy Teams!

5:25pm Live Streamed
Get Noticed: How to Attract Press & Influencers with AHeirloom, Be There in Five, Inblue Designs & The Wishing Elephant

Ever wondered how to get your shop featured by popular magazines and blogs? These sellers have figured out the strategies to attract attention from the right influencers and retain relationships that have helped their businesses get noticed.

Business Breakout: Keeping the “Creative” in Creative Entrepreneur

In this session, you'll connect with fellow sellers to share insight into how we can flex our creative muscles while running a small business. How do you keep your products fresh or expand your creative vision? If you’re looking for inspiration from fellow creative entrepreneurs, join us!

Crash Course: Optimize your Shop on Etsy with Seller Account Manager Natasha Lende

Every business searches for the “secret” to success on Etsy. Is it perfect SEO? Eye catching branding? An attention grabbing story? Stellar photography? Natasha will focus on optimizing your Etsy shops to be the best of the best.

How I Developed My Best Selling Product with Norwegian Wood

Longtime maker and Etsy seller Angie Johnson knew she wanted to avoid one-hit-wonder syndrome. She didn’t want her brand to be all about a single item and over the years she's had multiple bestsellers - but almost all of them are no longer in her shop! She's learned the secret - every product, even the really successful ones, have a shelf life. But it's not all about saying goodbye. Angie's always creating fresh new products to keep her shop evolving and keep customers coming back for more. Learn Angie's strategy for ongoing product development that has helped her be so successful.

Evocative Branding: Connecting the Heart & Mind with Eric Kass

Crafting an inspired brand narrative that engages your audience on an emotional and intellectual level is key to developing trust and desire in your products. Commercial artist Eric Kass will discuss how to find your voice and develop your unique personal story. He will walk us through motivational examples with helpful tips on how to build an immersive, memorable narrative that deeply connects with your customers. Everything from your logo to the language you use, to how your packages arrives is an opportunity for a meaningful, effective brand dialogue.

6:30pm Live Streamed
The importance of Passion, Balance & Celebration: Keynote with Jenny Rosenstrach

Food writer and New York Times bestselling author Jenny Rosenstrach (blogger behind the popular Dinner: A Love Story) will talk about how she found balance by building a business and community around a single cherished institution: family dinner. She’ll talk about her recipe and strategy-packed books, but mostly about how at the center of them all is the importance of rituals. Her next book, How to Celebrate Everything, hits this topic head on, and she’ll use it as a launching point to show how to savor the rituals you already have in place, how to create big memories out of small moments, and of course, what to cook for any occasion to make it special.